This Is Not Art

I managed to get a new zine done in time to take to the This Is Not Art zine fair, which was on Sunday. Here are some pictures of it:

In fact, this zine is mostly pictures. All of the information about ordering, price, a description et cetera can be found under the ‘Zines for Sale’ heading on the main page. And you’ll probably be able to pick up a copy from Sticky if you’re in Melbourne.

While I don’t want to bore you to tears, here’s my wrap up of This Is Not Art, starting from yesterday and working backwards.

We arrived home at about 7 o’clock pm. I was listening to Rand and Holland on my portable listening device and felt excited when I began recognising Sydney landmarks. I miss home so easily. I thought about a panel I’d attended at TINA the day previous, where people discussed staying in the place that they grew up in. It occurred to me that of nearly everyone I know (with a few exceptions) I am the only one truly native to Sydney. Lost in this thought - I am from Sydney - I remembered that I had a Kit Kat in my bag, which I then ate.

Earlier, I waved goodbye to Lou, who was minding the Mutiny stall, and Tim and I left the zine fair (which was fine, and thank you to everyone who bought or traded their zine with us) to lie on the grass near the water and wait for the Sydney train to arrive. A few minutes before the train was due I investigated the Little Shop at the station and purchased a Kit Kat and a Milky Way. I ate the Milky Way immediately, thinking the thought that invariably grips me when I eat a Milky Way: why aren’t they bigger?

That morning I spent a good deal of time cursing daylight savings while preparing to check out of the hotel and set up for the zine fair. The night before I had resisted my usual granniness to stay out for the second show at the Cambridge. Was that really me, awake on the other side of midnight? And was I really standing in front of the speaker while Cotti played his set? And did I really dance? I have blisters on my heels, and am tired and half deafened, so I must have.

That day, and the one previous, had been spent walking between the various venues holding panels and exhibitions, such as the one mentioned earlier (later?), and another with Hidden Village, who gave a demonstration of their excellent chip music (which is, from what I gather, music made by manipulating the sound chips of various soon to be antique video game consoles. Am I dumb for never having heard of this before? And if you knew, why didn’t you tell me?). And I should note the Tape Projects exhibition at the TAFE gallery, which I unfortunately can’t find any images of. Locked grooves and cardboard and flip books on strings, these are a few of my favourite things!

All the while Tim took lovely photos, some of which are posted here.

Here ends my TINA 2008 wrap up.

*now you will buy my zine*
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