Fairytales in the Supermarket

That’s the name of my new zine, which is a bit different from my other zines. My usual approach to zine making is to sort of channel whatever I’ve been up to at the time into barely legible typewritten/collaged madness (but really! my zines are good and you should buy them), but this one actually has a point and that point is to bitch about the assorted shitty jobs that I’ve had. I stole the idea from here, with apologies. It was also inspired by Fergus’ alphabetical zines, which I will write about later, when I figure out what I’ve done with the address and so on. As usual you can read further details about Fairytales in the Supermarket somewhere over on the right hand side there. Ta-ra!

EDIT – In case you weren’t entirely convinced that it’s worth getting a copy of this zine, here’s what a reviewer for the Sticky Institute’s Sporadic Monthly Newsletter had to say about it:

Initially I was hesitant about the quality of this zine, given that it has a light pink cover and after reading Vintageland, I was ready to do away with all my pink-coloured possessions. But I was horribly wrong. This zine is amazing. Written after the author has received funding for her masters and thus, does not have to work anymore, she sets about reflecting on her decade spent in the retail industry, alphabetical style. Type written, it goes through the alphabet, from such topics as Annoying Friends, Late For Work and Why Work In A Shop Then, You Ninny? It’s a hilariously honest and at times, sort of depressing reflection on what it is like to work at Woolworths, a sock shop and a card store. Scattered throughout the zine are cut out pictures from catalogues, some with funny captions by the author, but it’s the tone of the writing that makes this zine amazing. For anyone who has any experience working in the retail industry, you have to read this zine.

Mmm. I hadn’t thought that people would be put off by the pink over. Are you? The whole cut up vintage advertisement thing was meant to be a piss take, but I suppose that’s not apparent until you open the cover. That’s why you have to open the cover! And to do that you must write to me and get a copy of the zine! If you still aren’t convinced I might post some of it up here for you to read, but not all of it, because then you’ll just read it here and won’t send me stuff in return for it. AND I WANT YOU TO SEND ME STUFF, DAMMIT. Oh, and incidentally, if you’re concerned about actually having to send money to get a copy of this thing, or any of my other zines, do not despair. I will happily, in fact preferably, trade it for other things, whether zines or something else. I understand that’s there’s been a bit of concern lately regarding the overpricing of zines, so, don’t whinge to me about it, okay? I’ve got it sorted. Look at the How To Order section for more information.


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9 Responses to “Fairytales in the Supermarket”

  1. a_ Says:

    Oh my! The cover looks beautiful. And I am a firm believer in judging zines by their covers, and letters by their envelopes.

  2. Penny Spent Says:

    Well, you’re bound to be dissapointed then, because between those covers it’s pure filth.

  3. Em Stronach Says:

    I came over here from Sticky because your zine sounds like it is made of awesome. Would love to swap zines with you if you like the look of mine :)

    There’s pictures of them on my page at We Make ZInes:


  4. Vanessa Says:

    I think the reviewers aversion to pink says more about them than it does about anything else! It’s a fine colour. I look forward to reading your zine, I will send you something I dig up in this graveyard of paper in which I dwell. x V.

  5. Penny Spent Says:

    Thanks Vanessa!

  6. Anne Says:

    Hi Penny!

    I’ve just stumbled across your stuff and am REALLY interested in getting a hold of your Fairytales in the Supermarket zine.

    I have just finished my first zine with about 5 other friends. I’d be happy to trade if you are!

    We’re also starting to get into the zine markets and are super excited to be sharing/selling/swapping our stuff with likemindeds.


  7. Penny Spent Says:

    Thanks Anne,

    Just send me an email (eternalproject(at)gmail(dot)com) with your address and I’ll send you a copy, and I’d love to get your zine in return. Alternatively, if you happen to be in Melbourne, you should be able to pick up a copy of Fairytales at Sticky, and it is also being stocked at Learning to Leave a Paper Trail distro (you can find that if you do a google search) if you’d prefer to order it off the internet.

    Thanks again!

  8. Anne Says:


    I just checked this out again thinking that you could have left a reply a while back and you did. I didn’t get a link to say that you replied!

    Oh well, we’re sorted and on our way now =)

    Thank you.

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