More zine recommendations

Here are some amazing zines I received from the amazing Lucy Cheung a while ago but have been too lazy and stupid to post.


They’re beautifully crafted and the drawings are amazing (mmm, I seem to be having an adjective crisis today. But they are amazing!), invoking the pagan/ancient/otherworldly weird images she collects on her blog.


The one above is a miniaturised reproduction of a sketchbook full of what look like shy, incomplete monsters or creatures from another world. The world of Lucy’s head, I suppose. Gush. Anyway, like I said, I got these quite a while ago and don’t know if they’re still available, but you should definitely check out Lucy’s blog(s).


It’s been a good week for zine mail. Fergus has completed another Fergus and as usual it’s alphabetisedly great, and available for a small ritual offering: P O Box 132, Bentley WA 6982, Australia.


I must also tell you about this new (well, new to me, but I’m a bit slow) weekly zine from the creator of D90 (see elsewhere on this blog for a picture of that fine zine).  According to the author, dilettantes & heartless manipulators is an “anti-review”: “I listen to music & write about whatever else is going through my head. Wanky, huh?”.  To obtain copies you may send one 55c (Australian) stamp per however many issues you wish to receive to: Spurzine, P O Box 41, Flinders Lane P O, Melbourne, VIC 8009, Australia. (Sydney folk, there were a few copies at Black Rose last time I looked).

And I’d just like to mention that both the author of this zine and myself have touched Michael Gira (consensually, that is, and not at the same time).

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