TINA 09 and other stuff

So, TINA, obligatory update: car park = good. Ratio of zines to other stuff = bad. solution = segregate zines fair from other stuff fair? I don’t know, maybe other folks’ experience was different, but this year was quite disappointing for me. Hardly any sales and even less trades. What did other people think? I did manage to meet a few letter writers and the zines I did get were great, so I’m not saying it wasn’t worth it, but the energy I’ve witnessed & experienced in other years seemed to be missing. I don’t think that this is the organiser’s fault – perhaps just a reflection of how many people are making zines?

Well, I haven’t updated this blog in ages, so here are a couple of new things I’ve done, which you can order directly from here, or from Sticky in Melbourne.

Walk so differenty cover

A choose your own adventure zine by Lou, Anwyn & me, based on our experiences of living and growing up in Sydney. Read from cover to cover at your own peril (though, in truth, you’re just as likely to get confused if you follow the choose your own adventure structure). This one’s also available from Format in Adelaide.

Cafe de banques cover

Another collage zine by me, similar to the Maps one I did a few months back, if anyone read that. This one is an entirely two colour risographed thing, complete with dodgy colour separation and covers folded slightly too small for the inner pages. Oh well, it was my first encounter with a riso. With many, many thanks to Jess and Leigh of the Rizzeria collective for their time, help and patience. Check in the side bar for prices and what have you.

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One Response to “TINA 09 and other stuff”

  1. Bianca Says:

    I picked up Walk So Differently today from Bird In The Hand in Newcastle and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it, and I felt similarly about the zine fair. :)

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