Begin again

As you may have guessed  from the previous post things haven’t been going too well round these parts. But Anwyn and I have somehow made a short film, which will be exhibited in a temporary (or ‘pop-up’, as they insist on calling it) gallery organised by City of Sydney. Thank you Danella for organising and for your support, and to Anwyn.

All Circles Vanish is a short film by Emma Davidson and Anwyn Crawford. It will be exhibited from 7th-27th February at the Streetware Pop-Up Gallery, 21 Alberta St, Sydney. All Circles Vanish is a cut-up video animation constructed from still photographs and 16mm footage of horses – trotters and pacers – rescued from an abandoned shipping container, itself located inside an abandoned building, near the Harold Park Paceway.
The exhibition is open every day and forms part of Sydney City Council’s Streetware project. Here is a map of the location.
We hope that you enjoy watching.
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7 Responses to “Begin again”

  1. Penelope Aira Says:

    Cross-posted comment? Yes: Fantastic! I’m looking forward to this. The city’s not too far from Newtown in terms of just dropping by.

  2. raquel Says:

    Hi Emma,

    I little post on your zine “raining in my room”. I hope you don’t mind me posting photos of your zine.

  3. Vanessa Berry Says:

    I visited your film today, it wasn’t night but it was an overcast morning, and it looked good against all the grey above and around. It’s beautiful! There’s something so lost and forgotten about past horse races.

  4. paul b Says:

    damn, i missed your film. i was hoping to get there this week and didn’t realise (until checking now) that it’s finished :(. hope you were happy with it.

    • Penny Spent Says:

      That’s ok, I think we’ll be putting it up on Youtube or something soon, so I’ll post it on my blog when that happens.

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