Streetware stuff again

Here are some snaps I took of the All Circles Vanish installation.

I was just whinging to a friend about how down I am on blogs at the moment, and realise that I haven’t been doing much with this thing other than post announcements. Maybe that’s ok. Though today I did scribble out a very long, potentially stupid (haven’t re-read it yet) essay about discovering lyrics from The Fall and Rudimentary Peni in the writing of HP Lovecraft (or, rather, discovering the writing of HP Lovecraft in the lyrics of The Fall and Rudimentary Peni) and general musings on perverse introspection (my own included); BUT, I suspect that the audience interested in reading such things is not also reading this blog, so I shall refrain from posting it here. I’ll probably make it a zine, and then no one will have to read it, but I can still pretend I’ve done something wonderfully productive and creative. Solution!

Whenever I see the name ‘HP Lovecraft’ I think of HP sauce, and whenever I pass a bollard on the street I think of JG Ballard. Isn’t that just how the weird works? Everyday objects start to take on a sinister aspect…

So anyway, those snaps:

The film, as installed in the space on Alberta St. Hopefully we will get the full thing up on the internets soon.

Paste-ups in Nithsdale Lane (the bottom one was taken by Anwyn, and yes, is upside down. Whoops).

The film has been deinstalled, but the paste-ups are still there (well, those that haven’t been ripped down and urinated on by drunks), and there they will remain (until they are ripped down and urinated on by drunks).

Also, I highly recommend that you check out Kat Smolynec’s work, which is next to be installed in the pop-up space. She’s having an opening tomorrow night. That’s:

Wednesday 2nd March Edit: Wednesday 9th March!

Streeware Pop-up Gallery, 21 Alberta St Sydney.

The show will feature her trademark giant flannelette Babushka dolls, which represent her Ukranian heritage and Westie upbringing.

And I think she just has a thing for flannies.

Now, go forth and look at stuff.

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