If I were you

and I were in Melbourne, I would go and see this:

Faults & Folds exhibition by Dexter Fletcher artist collective

2nd September to 29th September
City Library, Flinders Lane

Faults & Folds is installed in the six ‘niches’ that are scattered around the City Library. The title ‘Faults & Folds’ incorporates the work’s themes of exploration, mapping and topography as well as our interest in the artist book as a medium.

While in Melbourne I would also check out this gig:

which is free and features the zine related Church of Hysteria, who are launching a split 7″.

I’d also visit the Sticky Institute to purchase these posters by the Cross Border Collective. Here’s what one of em looks like:

‘The poster series aims to show that the Australian border is not a natural or inevitable thing. They explore the fact that the border is artificial, confront common assumptions about border-crossers, and consider how the border manages peoples’ movements to benefit industry and the state.’

Also located in Melbourne are t-shirts like this, made by the highly estimable (and impressively high, as in tall not ‘high’) Tom Civil, based on designs by a ye olde Australian anarchist called J A Andrews:

You don’t have to be in Melbourne to order the t-shirts though, just have a look at Tom’s blog for details.

So, by now if I were you I would probably be a bit sick of being in Melbourne and would be wondering what’s happening north of the border in New South Wales. So I’d drive along the Hume Highway, passing through countless country towns all painted the same shade of cack yellow, until I reached Sydney! In Sydney everyone would be busily pretending to not be freezing to death because it allegedly doesn’t get very cold or they’d be complaining about how high their rent is or that Marrickville is suddenly full of hipsters or that nothing ever happens in Sydney and even if it did they’d be too busy to notice. Then you’d notice this exhibition and decide to go along!

Crisis Complex, curated by Laura McLean and Sumugan Sivanesan, opens Friday 15 September, Tin Sheds Gallery (Sydney Uni)

Featuring a lot of good local and international artists, full details on the blog. There’ll be artist talks and a screening of Anathema (2011, The Otolith Group) and a discussion via internet magic with Mark Fisher (unless there’s some other Mark FIsher out there looking at the crisis/crises of neoliberalism and hauntological responses to the present I’m assuming that it really is this Mark Fisher). There’ll also be a forum with the aforementioned Cross Border Collective.

Ok, I’m tired of writing this in the hypothetical tense, final thing I want to tell you is that once again I will be contributing to the gentrification of Newcastle by participating in the This is Not Art festival! I swore last year that I would not do it again for reasons that I could not possibly divulge here, but anyway, I am doing it again, because, as Ivor Cutler said, happiness is realising that you are a hypocrite. So my collage series Risk and Chance will be displayed as part of a program curated by Danella Bennett called Secret Newcastle, which will be on for the duration of the festival.


Risk and Chance combines photos I found in an old Children’s Britannica under the entry for ‘Hobbies’ with text from a book about cave diving. The idea being to transfer the heroic tone of the text to the more gentle activities of the hobbyists. My main interest with these, and my main interest in general I suppose, is how we differentiate work and non work, why we value some ‘pointless’ pursuits over others, what we do or would do with our time if we had the time and didn’t have to worry about working for a wage etc. The title of Risk and Chance is appropriated from the title of a book (sometimes translated as Luck and Chance)   written by Asger Jorn in 1952, which I haven’t read but which I’m told contains the sentence ‘in defence of my adventure as an artist’, which is also sort of what the collages are about. I’ll put up more info about the show in Newcastle as it comes to hand.The program has been announced but I’m not exactly sure where my work will be installed yet. As usual, stay tuned.

Finally, Take Care will be tabling at the Sunday fair, which this year is free for zinesters. I’ve written details about it here.

Ok, that’s all, I think.

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3 Responses to “If I were you”

  1. Thomas Says:

    He also said:

    I’m happy,
    I’m happy,
    I’m happy,
    I’m happy,
    I’m happy,
    I’m happy,
    And I’ll punch the man who says I’m not.


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