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Still ill

March 23, 2010

That should read ‘ill again’, but then it wouldn’t be a pretentious song reference.

Being ill seems to be a specialty of mine. Here are two zines we picked up at the Blacktown Zine Fair that I found particularly fetching.

First, further evidence that I’m slooow, because this has been around for a while now:

A collaboration between Vanessa Berry and Leigh ‘the risograph whisperer’ Rigozzi. Leigh transcribes and illustrates a letter from Vanessa. It’s fantastic. I showed a friend the other day and he said, ‘that actually looks like Vanessa Berry’. Indeed! But the discerning reader will get infinitely more out of it than the satisfaction of seeing a good likeness of VB. Obtain a copy from Leigh at the next (inevitable) zine fair, or online from Bird in the Hand zine shop.

Amber Carvan very kindly traded this for a copy of Walk so Differently. She also got excited when she saw the John Porcellino comic on our table. I’ve read Amber’s great comics before but, being thick, only registered the Porcellino influence when she pointed it out. Now it seems so glaringly obvious that it, well, glares at me. This collection is great. I understand that there is some theory behind the type of 4 panel comic Amber draws. I don’t understand it entirely, but for me they are something akin to a haiku (cuz, y’know, I know all about them…) – that is to say, extremely restricted, minimal; a tiny space for tiny, pure expressions. Highly recommended.

Amber also tried to get me to pimp her (literally!) by means of a small comic that I was meant to hand out to likely looking fellows…I’m sorry to say that I was too shy to do this. But Amber, I’ll pass them on if Take Care gets any orders from John Porcellino fans with attractive email addresses.

Blacktown zine fair report

March 14, 2010

Take Care went to the Coded zine fair at Blacktown Art Centre yesterday, and it was great. Reminded me that I should spend less time whingeing and get out more. My mid March resolution.

The fair was very small, predictably, as everyone is down in Adelaide for Format. But it went well regardless: we sold heaps of zines, bought a bunch ourselves and got a stack of new stuff for the distro. And due to the relaxed pace we were actually able to converse with people! It was all very novel and enjoyable. So thanks to the organisers and everyone who came and checked out our table and said hello.

We liked Blacktown so much that we’re going to be out there for another zine fair that’s happening as part of Youth Week in April. I’ll be back soon with more details about that, and some of the cool zines we picked up.


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