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All Circles Vanish in Melbourne

December 14, 2011

Just a quick heads up that the video Anwyn and me made at the beginning of the year called All Circles Vanish is screening in the foyer of the City Library, Melbourne, until the 22nd of December. More details on their website. If you are in Melbourne, you can go and look at it. Won’t that be fun!

Also, on the 10th and 12th of January I will be hosting zine workshops in Blacktown City libraries, the first at Stanhope Gardens and the second at Mt Druitt. Here’s their website with more details. Vanessa Berry will also be hosting a final workshop on the 18th of January at Max Webber library, Blacktown. (Thanks again Vanessa!)

While I’m at it, someone has written a post on the National Library’s ephemera collection blog about the project Anwyn and me coordinated way back in the mid 00s, Post No Bills. It is good and has good pictures of the PNB Fun Pack, which is very good, because I am ungood at documenting my own work. I’m shit at it, in fact.

So, I know you’re all dying to know why I haven’t posted here in a while, right. Well actually, I spend my whole day posting. Posting other peoples’ mail. That’s right, I got a job at the post office. I’M IN CHARGE OF THE POST. It’s feels as though I have fulfilled some sort of destiny, the culmination of years spent in retail finally merges with years of sending people crap in the mail. Today I was inducted into the Code of Ethics guidelines for the use of social media which states the importance of never saying a bad word against your employer on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, blogs. Would I ever complain about my job? When have I ever done that…



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