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Snapdragon Zine Fair

June 27, 2011

Yep, Vanessa, Tim (of Take Care) and I are organising a zine fair. It will be at the Red Rattler on the 4th of September and it’s going to be brilliant.  We’re doing a call out for stall-holders. In fact, the official deadline for booking stalls has nearly expired, so let us know quickly if you want in: everything you need to know should be here, or email I’m sure there will be a few days grace for booking stalls. In fact, since I’m one of the organisers, I’m positive there will be, but hurry up anyway, because we need to confirm how many tables to hire. Why is it called Snapdragon? Because it needed a name, and every other zine pun has been used already. But it does mean that we can incorporate DRAGONS into all our advertising! Here’s a flyer that Simon and Vanessa made, featuring a rather excellent dragon made entirely from stationery:

And a not so cool one made by yours truly, featuring such boring details as the address and everything:

For the day we’ll be constructing what we believe will be (I’d be pretty stunned if someone’s already done it, actually) the world’s first ever zine pinata (or zinata). And it needs filling. ZINE filling! Zines for the pinata can be about anything, but have to be A8 size. For inhabitants of countries that do not employ the incredibly useful, international standard, ISO 216  ‘A’ series paper size which maintains the same aspect ratio no matter how many times it is divided, A8 is approximatly equivelent to 1/16 US letter size. I think. How much easier your folding would be if your countries adopted the incredibly useful etc ISO 216 ‘A’ series paper size. I’m sure you are envious. So, anyway, get in touch if you’re interested in contributing a tiny zine to the zine pinata. We haven’t figured out the logistics of this yet (or what shape the pinata will be. Dragon? Stapler? Staplerdragon?), but we will start making a list of interested persons and let you know the details in due course. Vanessa, who is much better at coming up with puns than me, has been assuring people that it will be smashing. Indeed.

We’re also hoping to have a table for Absent Zinesters at the fair. If you’re unable to make it but want us to sell zines on your behalf, again, get in touch so that we can gauge interest and figure out logistics.

So, look forward to September, zine-heads…

You can read all about ISO 216 here, incidentally. Fascinating stuff…


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