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Not the MCA zine fair

April 9, 2010

Yep, it’s totally nuts that the MCA zine fair booked out so quickly. Already there are moves to have an alternative of some sort, either on the day before or simultaneously, for those who missed out (including myself, and Take Care, and about a hundred other people, I assume.)

BUT there is another zine fair coming up soon! Or a zine tent, rather. At the Burbs Festival in Blacktown, which is happening as part of this year’s Youth Week. Now, I know very little about this other than the fact that Tim and I will be doing a Take Care table out there. But as you’ll no doubt agree, THAT ALONE is enough incentive to come along!

17th April, from 1pm

Blacktown Showground (Richmond Rd, Blacktown)


So if you’re a local or live nearby, or are prepared to make the trek out west (or east, if you live further west than Blacktown, or course. Of course, for something to have worth it doesn’t necessarily have to be happening within a 5km radius of my flat in Enmore…) it would be well worth your effort to come and check out some zines. We’ve got some excellent stuff in stock at the moment, with more on the way.

All mixed up

February 17, 2010

I just found this on Tammy Rae Carland‘s website

and got jealous. Someone should send me a mix tape. It’s been a long time.

Hey, I haven’t posted anything here is a while – my daily tolerance of internet use is taken up with the Take Care site – but I’ve been adding more pictures of my zines and art in the side pages, if that’s of any interest to anyone. It’s a bit dodgey at the moment – I’ll make improvements as I come across/am able to find/produce better images. I’m so terrible at taking and archiving photos of my work. Anyway, there’ll be photos of my current project – a space laboratory thing that I’m showing in June – up pretty soon.

Speaking of Take Care, it’s been going astonishingly well. We’ve received 5 orders or something in the last two days (in terms of zine economy, I consider that something of a torrent of sales), and we’re going to be at the Blacktown Zine fair on March 13th (about the only zine fair in Australia we can afford to go to) – but more on that later.

And yeah, side effect of running a distro is that I get to read a whole lotta great zines. I’ll do another one of those zine recommendation posts soon.



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