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antarctica page 1 antarctica page 2 Antarctica page 3

That’s the last comic I did for Feminartsy, in full. I’m gonna try and have another one drawn soon, based on an Arthur Machen story.

It’s been a very busy year! I was in Melbourne a couple of weeks back for the launch of Guest Informant, a new zine by Luke You and I. The opening was at Sticky and it went off.

guest informant 2 guest informant 3

Thanks to Plastic Knife and Tin Pan Alley for playing.


The zine is attractive and will be available from Take Care soon.

Post Office Scenes #1/Exhibition at Sticky/Guest Informant zine launch

Post Office comic in full.

Shortly after this comic was drawn a story was broadcast on ABC’s 7:30 program about alleged exploitation of Australia Post sub-contractors. Fingers crossed that story goes the way of the current criminal investigation into 7/11…

There’ll be another comic up very soon. Somehow this one came out a bit rasterised, I promise not to do it again.

post office 1 post office 2 post office 3 post office 4

I also have some more work up in the window of Sticky as part of this, with massive respect and thanks to Luke and Sticky for the gig. There’s a new mini issue of Tomorrow’s Machine Today up for grabs if you go down and visit the show (and plenty other better zines at Sicky, I’m sure). Photos of that when I have some.

Also, as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Luke and I have collaborated on a zine called Guest Informant and it will be launched at Sticky with free snacks, punk rock, and possibly a brass band, on 18 September. I will be there, so please drop by and say hi if you’re in Melbourne-town.

Omnia Sunt Communia


So it would appear that I have been drawing a lot of comics lately. I have mixed feeling about comics, if truth be told. Won’t go into that here, now. Anyway, you can get this other one I did, Omnia Sunt Communia from Take Care. I’m quite proud of it, put a lot of time into the drawings, did lots of drafts. Below’s a little gif animation of some of my collages to prove that I have not completely morphed into a Comic Artist.

Animation img179