Tomorrow’s Machine Today #2

A couple of posts ago I mentioned turning a thing I wrote about HP Lovecraft, The Fall and Rudimentary Peni into a zine. Well, I did it! Except that I edited out the Rudimentary Peni bit to enhance readability. And to save material for another zine, which I am still working on.

Tomorrow’s Machine Today is about music I’ve been introduced to through mix tapes, CDs and the like. You can buy the first two issues (#1 is much smaller than #2)  here at my Etsy shop, and copies of #2 will shortly be available through Take Care. Or send a trade to PO Box 4, Enmore NSW 2042, Australia.

I also did a bit of an epic zine re-printing session yesterday, here be a very noisy shot the fruits of my labour:

Had lots of yellow paper lying around the house, as you no doubt gather. So that’s fresh copies of Digging and Nearly Healthy, which I was nearly out of, and more copies of Horace Andy and the Spanish Owls and Fairytales in the Supermarket, which have been out of print for a while. Horace Andy is a collaborative thing I did with Anwyn about ghosts, trains, horses and Horace Andy; Fairytales is my ranty, alphabetical ode to working in retail for ten years, written two years ago when I quit work to go back to school. They’ll be up on the Take Care site soon, and Etsy, of course. Or, again, write if you’d like to trade or otherwise negotiate copies.


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