Do you want some of the zines from my collection?

UPDATE: Well, you certainly know how to act on important matters, don’t you? All the zines I had to give away have been claimed. Expect zines soon if you sent money already. If you emailed or facebooked a request to calculate postage I’ll be in touch soon to let you know how much I have left over and what it’ll cost to send. Thanks heaps folks!

There are too many zines in my flat. They are under the coffee table, on my bedroom floor, in bags in my spare room, in a wooden cabinet beside my bed, in my post office box. If things keep going on like this… well, I don’t want to think about it. I got into zines in the mid/late 90s and have been accumulating them ever since. The bulk of the zines in my possession I acquired more recently, an inevitable result of running a distro. The zines vary in quality, style, theme etc etc across the whole spectrum of zine making. The point is, I want to cull them to make room for other stuff in my flat, like clothes and food. I’m keeping a lot of zines, but mainly just ones that have been particularly important to me or that were made by close friends. I’ve thought about donating the others to a library but I don’t know how folks feel about having their stuff in public and state libraries or even zine libraries for that matter, and I figure they are more likely to be read/looked at/appreciated if I give them away to people who really just want zines. So, do you want some, or do you know someone who wants some? If anyone knows of any zine libraries who would be super-keen to have some/all of them I guess I am willing to consider that. I have a very over-stuffed re-usable shopping bag full of them at the moment that I’d like to get out of my flat, with more to come, probably. Anyone can have as many as they want, just so long as they’re located in Australia and will pay for the postage. I’ll put postage options below, send money via paypal to eternalproject[at]gmail[dot]com.

$3 = as many zines as I can fit in a A4 envelope up to 2cm thick and 500g

$7.20 = as many zines as I can fit into a 500g Parcel Post Plus flat rate satchel

$11.40 = in the unlikely event that someone wants up to 3kg worth of zines, I’ll fit as many as I can into a 3kg Parcel Post Plus satchel

I don’t know how many people are gonna be interested in this. Maybe none, maybe lots. In case it’s lots, these are the rules:

If you’re not in Australia, please contact me first to sort out postage options

Please don’t ask me about specific zines in my collection, I will fill envelopes randomly

First come first served, if I run outta zines and you’ve already sent $$$ I’ll refund it

If you’re in Sydney and you want to save postage let me know and I’ll see about meeting you somewhere
ALRIGHT. I will love you forever if you help to get rid of some of this stuff, by the way. I am extremely adverse to clutter and the current state of things is doing my head in, I have no room to work. Help me. Thanks.

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