Numbers and Tomorrows

Numbers zineNumbers is a zine collaboration with Tim. We made 13 issues in 2017, with more coming.

Each issue of Numbers is a double-sided, photocopied A4 page, with Tim and I taking a side each. The writing on my side of the zine is inspired by the objects in my house, and memories of objects in other houses and rooms that I’ve lived in or temporarily inhabited, or anything else I feel like writing about. The coloured backgrounds are simplified digital tracings of artworks, some my own, some by other (much more well known) artists.

My side of Numbers is designed so that each issue can be ‘read’ 1) literally, as a piece of writing b) as an abstract composition of colour and line and c) eventually (after the publication of many more issues), as a modular artwork that can be viewed in many configurations, e.g. as a large grid on a wall, a book etc. The issue shown here doesn’t have any writing because its publication coincided with a sad event I wanted to mark privately. All of the other issues have writing.

Number 20 of Numbers was recently exhibited in the window of the Sticky Institute in Melbourne, for Craft Victoria’s annual Craft Cubed Window Walk. (We’re not actually up to Number 20 yet, we skipped ahead for the purpose of the exhibition. Number 20 will be available after we’ve finished Number 19, some time in 2018)

Numbers is free and you can subscribe by filling in the form here. By subscribing you will receive all current available issues and future issues, posted in a (roughly) quarterly mail-out. It’s free to subscribe. Numbers is also available from Take Care (if you place an order for free zines) and from Melbourne based free zine distro Small Zine Volcano.

TTT 1027

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow is another free zine that I have started to make. As it says on the cover, it’s about walking. Bushwalking mostly, but future issues may cover other types of walks and walking. The first issue is also available now from Take Care and Small Zine Volcano.

Speaking of the Sticky Institute: news over the weekend has revealed that Sticky is in real danger of being evicted from their iconic Degraves Subway location under Flinders Street in Melbourne, due to impending Metrolink development. Read about that here. Obviously, this can’t happen. Sticky is encouraging people to tell the Government of Victoria that Sticky – and Degraves – must be saved. You can do so by filling in the ‘have you say’ form here.


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