Prototype simultaneous collaborative writing machine

All or nothing promo

Or, The Typing Pool

I’ll be in residence at Frontyard the week before my show All Or Nothing opens at CCG (see previous post).

I’ll be looping a long piece of paper through two or three typewriters.

This is an open invitation for participants/typists.

You can type whatever you like – pre-written/thought things, spontaneous whatevers, shopping lists, demands, pictures, nothing.

Depending on how I rig it, two or three will be able to type simultaneously, hence the title.

The more eagle-eyed among you will notice that this is just a way to facilitate Hanging Out.

Tea and biscuits likely.

I’ll post exact times I’ll be at Frontyard here – email or comment for further details.

If this works out it may, with everyone’s consent, be included in the CCG show.

Facebook event here.


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