Newish zines

I’ve managed to make a few new zines over the past months, despite those months being among the strangest I’ve yet lived through – too strange and too close to even write about in a zine.



Typing Pool/Para no sentirme solo zine


Typing Pool/Para no sentirme solo contains all of the typing – including the typewriter loops and automatic writing featured below in older posts – from lasts years’ show at Chrissie Cotter Gallery, All Or Nothing. The Typing Pool section of the zine is A3 folded lengthways, then in half again to A5. The Para no… section is an eight page, A5 wrap-around. There are copies available for sale on the Take Care Zine Distro website, and I will have some at the upcoming Other Worlds Zine Fair at Marrickville Town Hall on Sunday 26 May.



Bridges zine, issue #1


I’ve also started a new zine series called Bridges. This one I aim to stick with and make on a semi-regular basis. There have been three issues so far. There are no copies of Bridges #1 or #2 left, though I might recopy some in time for Other Worlds. Issue #3 was made for the Sticky Institute’s annual Feed the Animals fundraiser – there may still be some copies available at Sticky if you’re in Melbourne.



Bridges zine, issue #2


Bridges zine, issue #3 – a fundraiser for Sticky’s Feed the Animals.


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