Frontyard Projects residency

Yesterday I wrapped up my week-long residency at Frontyard Projects. A big thank you to everyone involved in Frontyard, and to everyone who popped in to the Typing Pool. There are a few photos of my residency on the Frontyard Flickr, and here are a few more.

Emma Davidson Frontyard Projects residency documentation

Para no sentirme solo, por los siglos de los siglos (To not feel alone, for ever and ever)

Emma Davidson, Frontyard Projects residency

Hanging systems, future office aesthetic

Emma Davidson, Frontyard Projects residency

Brother and Olivetti typewriters, looped

Emma Davidson, Frontyard Projects residency

Photocopier art, transparent mountains

Emma Davidson, Frontyard Projects residency

Answering the question ‘What Would Jarvis Do?’ (a lot!)


Typing pool drop-in

CCG invite_insta tile_promo 1Emma D_CCG_Promo 2

These are the days and times for the typing pool (see previous post) drop-in during my residency at Frontyard.

Thursday 2 August
Friday 3 August
Saturday 4 August


Prototype simultaneous collaborative writing machine

All or nothing promo

Or, The Typing Pool

I’ll be in residence at Frontyard the week before my show All Or Nothing opens at CCG (see previous post).

I’ll be looping a long piece of paper through two or three typewriters.

This is an open invitation for participants/typists.

You can type whatever you like – pre-written/thought things, spontaneous whatevers, shopping lists, demands, pictures, nothing.

Depending on how I rig it, two or three will be able to type simultaneously, hence the title.

The more eagle-eyed among you will notice that this is just a way to facilitate Hanging Out.

Tea and biscuits likely.

I’ll post exact times I’ll be at Frontyard here – email or comment for further details.

If this works out it may, with everyone’s consent, be included in the CCG show.

Facebook event here.

Some notes on new old work


In 2010 I had a solo exhibition at Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Camperdown. The show was called “The White Room, or, Astronauts are not Excitable”. Its theme was space in the various ways that concept can be interpreted: space travel (I built a life-size replica of an early NASA space capsule), the spaces we find in our lives to do creative work, the spatial dynamics of minimal collage.

Since then I’ve made countless (mostly unexhibited/unpublished/not widely distributed) small collages, drawings, prints and zines through which I have explored my interests in life and art: utopia, photocopying, communism, cheesy television sci-fi, childhood/childish dreams, outdated encyclopaedias, obsolete printing techniques, stationery, amateurism, hobbies, modernism, punk, zines and so on.

In 2018 I am going to present this body of work in a new installation at Chrissie Cotter Gallery. Whereas the theme of my earlier CCG show was space, the theme of this one will be time: the time I’ve spent over the past decade on work (waged-labour) compared to the ‘non-work’ activity of art; how human cultures across the world describe experiences of temporality (uchronia, nostalgia, saudade), and the preoccupation in my art with obsolete materials.

The show will be called All or Nothing. I’m going to use this blog as a place to record my ideas about what it is that I’m doing.


Digging 2 and Games

Diggin2 copy

Nearly ten years ago I wrote a zine called Digging. It was about some old road blocks that had been left in Callan Park, and SCA, and Kirkbride, and my grandparents in Ireland, and ancient monuments, and sadness, and Laika the space dog, and other things.

Last year I learned to ride a motorbike, and with this new mobility I visited Callan Park for the first time in a long time, and kept going back there. I took photos and spent some time writing my thoughts down. I kept finding myself thinking about a lot of the same things the first Digging was about, so I decided to make a second issue.

I’ll send you a copy for free if you email me your address: eternalproject (at) gmail (dot) com.


This is the final weekend of Fully Automated Dexter Fletcher at 55 Sydenham Rd Gallery, Marrickville NSW 2204 AU. Members of Dexter Fletcher will be in attendance on both Saturday and Sunday, if you fancy a visit. We have made a game that you can play to make your very own Dexter Fletcher artwork.

Thanks to the Sticky Institute and 55 Sydenham Rd for everything you do.