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I’ll be doing a new comic for Feminartsy every two months. Here’s the first page of the latest one, see the rest here.

And here’s the first one I did for them, in full. Thanks heaps Zoya, and Chiara, for giving me this gig.

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Other Worlds Zine Fair 2015

other worlds poster

Other Worlds is happening again this year.

Despite recent moves by MCA Corporate Member (aka sponsor) Transfield Holdings to disentangle itself from Transfield Services, there’s no strong evidence to suggest that this is anything but an attempt at brand-cleansing. In other words, until someone can produce clear evidence to the contrary, we must assume that the Museum of Contemporary Art still has ties with a company currently engaged in the active immiseration of asylum seekers caught in Australia’s mandatory detention industry on Manus Island and Nauru.

Other Worlds is a zine fair for zine makers and zine fans who don’t want their zines and their subculture to lend value – however small – to the system of mandatory detention.

It’s also an opportunity to have a really damn good zine fair. A fair coordinated by zine makers without any institutional influence or mediation. Last year’s Other Worlds was officially the best zine fair held in Sydney in the past decade at least (as determined by me, obviously, but c’mon! you know I have good taste!)

The fair this year will be at Glebe Town Hall:

The fair itself this year is on Saturday, and on Sunday there’ll be workshops and other fun stuff. Stay tuned to the Other Worlds Facebook page  and for more info, and program updates when they are at hand.

P.S. The beautiful poster this year was made by the wonderful Lee Lai.


Second Circulation

Second Circulation press release photo 1

Dexter Fletcher is back, with their first ever curated exhibition!

The opening was last Thursday, sorry I forgot to tell you about it. BUT never fear! There’s a public fun day happening this coming Saturday, featuring zine stalls from illustrious inter-state guests, performances and more! All details HERE!

Adults and children sometimes have boards in their bedrooms or living-rooms on which they pin pieces of paper: letters, snapshots, reproductions of paintings, newspaper cuttings, original drawings, postcards. On each board all the images belong to the same language and all are more or less equal within it, because they have been chosen in a highly personal way to match and express the experience of the room’s inhabitant. Logically, these boards should replace museums.

Dexter Fletcher - two archives clash - searching for the young soul rebels

Some notes on sponsorship – redux

(Reposted from

Hey folks, I’m just dragging this up (with a few changes to the wording) from the bottom of the post before last where it was first published. In conversations I had on the weekend at the Sydney Anarchist Book Fair and Canberra Zine Emporium (thank you to the organisers of both events) people were overwhelmingly supportive of the idea of boycotting the MCA zine fair over the MCA’s relationship with Transfield, but there was some confusion about precisely what that relationship is. Creating confusion is a pretty good way of obscuring facts, but anyway: this is the information I have found with my limited internet searching abilities:

In a pay-walled article on ArtsHub, the MCA called our use of the word ‘sponsorship’ to describe their relationship with Transfield a “factual inaccurancy”, stating instead that Transfield are a ‘Corporate Member’.

‘Corporate Members’ are listed on the ‘Sponsorship’ page of the MCA website.

Transfield are listed on page 60 of the most recent (2012) MCA annual report in the section for ‘Sponsorship, Donations, Marketing and Public Relations’, as a ‘Corporate Member’.

The MCA are listed on the ‘Community Involvement – Sponsorships’ page of the Transfield website: “Transfield Holdings has been a corporate sponsor of the Museum of Contemporary Art since 2004.” (accessed 24/3/14, emphasis mine. Note that the Transfield domain name and the Transfield logo at the top of the web-page do not make a distinction between ‘Transfield Holdings’, ‘Transfield Services’ or ‘Transfield Foundation’.)


So, the word ‘sponsorship’ seems to have a slippery definition, depending on when, how and by whom it is used. Clearly Transfield consider their corporate membership to be a variety of sponsorship. The MCA, perhaps, feels differently – although their own publicly accessible information on their sponsors etc is ambiguous. Whatever the difference (or lack of) between ‘sponsorship’ and ‘corporate membership’ in this case, the MCA and Transfield have a brand relationship. As the MCA website outlines, Corporate Membership provides an opportunity to:

“[a]lign with Australia’s leading contemporary arts brand and an exciting range of collections” and[d]evelop and enhance relationships with key clients and stakeholders”.

What would a bit of amateur research be without a visit to Wikipedia? From the entry on brand equity (or as it’s sometimes known, brand value):

Brand equity is a phrase used in the marketing industry which describes the value of having a well-known brand name, based on the idea that the owner of a well-known brand name can generate more money from products with that brand name than from products with a less well known name…”