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I’ll be doing a new comic for Feminartsy every two months. Here’s the first page of the latest one, see the rest here.

And here’s the first one I did for them, in full. Thanks heaps Zoya, and Chiara, for giving me this gig.

Copy of Page 1 colour working file FINAL

Copy of Page 2 colour working file FINALCopy of Page 3 colour working file FINALCopy of Page 4 colour working file FINAL

Other Worlds Zine Fair 2015

other worlds poster

Other Worlds is happening again this year.

Despite recent moves by MCA Corporate Member (aka sponsor) Transfield Holdings to disentangle itself from Transfield Services, there’s no strong evidence to suggest that this is anything but an attempt at brand-cleansing. In other words, until someone can produce clear evidence to the contrary, we must assume that the Museum of Contemporary Art still has ties with a company currently engaged in the active immiseration of asylum seekers caught in Australia’s mandatory detention industry on Manus Island and Nauru.

Other Worlds is a zine fair for zine makers and zine fans who don’t want their zines and their subculture to lend value – however small – to the system of mandatory detention.

It’s also an opportunity to have a really damn good zine fair. A fair coordinated by zine makers without any institutional influence or mediation. Last year’s Other Worlds was officially the best zine fair held in Sydney in the past decade at least (as determined by me, obviously, but c’mon! you know I have good taste!)

The fair this year will be at Glebe Town Hall:

The fair itself this year is on Saturday, and on Sunday there’ll be workshops and other fun stuff. Stay tuned to the Other Worlds Facebook page  and for more info, and program updates when they are at hand.

P.S. The beautiful poster this year was made by the wonderful Lee Lai.


Second Circulation

Second Circulation press release photo 1

Dexter Fletcher is back, with their first ever curated exhibition!

The opening was last Thursday, sorry I forgot to tell you about it. BUT never fear! There’s a public fun day happening this coming Saturday, featuring zine stalls from illustrious inter-state guests, performances and more! All details HERE!