Omnia Sunt Communia


So it would appear that I have been drawing a lot of comics lately. I have mixed feeling about comics, if truth be told. Won’t go into that here, now. Anyway, you can get this other one I did, Omnia Sunt Communia from Take Care. I’m quite proud of it, put a lot of time into the drawings, did lots of drafts. Below’s a little gif animation of some of my collages to prove that I have not completely morphed into a Comic Artist.

Animation img179

Paste ups

I have some posters up in Nithsdale Lane, off Alberta St, Sydney, as part of a SoSC funded project called Streetware. Have a look if you can, before they get torn down or washed away. Nithsdale Lane is confusingly split in two, it’s easiest to approach it via Alberta St (behind Hyde Park).